Meet Ama!

Ama is a 10-year-old who was born in Las Marias, Puerto Rico in the mountainous region of the island. Her parents named her in honor of the flower Amapola, but she goes by "Ama", which in the Spanish language means "to love".

She was fascinated by the magic coffee bean stories told by her beloved great-grandfather, Toño, the coffee farmer who's coffee made it all the way to Vatican City. Ama decided to plant her own coffee with a collection of magical beans that survived hurricane María in Puerto Rico. 

Ama represents the power of the youth and shows how with one small step, a positive mind and a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm, one can make a big difference. She is a young entrepreneur who sells the best coffee to delight others and have them fall in love with the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. In the process, she educates children at risk, helping them to escape poverty, one cup of coffee at a time.